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We are always looking for new ideas. Our content is focused on Africa and Africans. This does not mean your column or op-ed must have the word “Africa” to pass muster. You can write about anything: people, culture, the economy, literature, feminism etc.

We are particularly interested in womxn writers and contributors.

Note, however, that the Prospect is a non-profit. We can hardly keep the lights on and, therefore, cannot afford to pay for your valued contribution. What we offer is a community of intelligent readers and an opportunity for you to contribute to an intellectual revolution.

Unfortunately, we are still developing the editorial guidelines. We considered stealing them from one of our favourite publications. As you can see, we didn’t. That’s just not how we roll.

Send your contribution to editor@africanprospect.com. Our editorial team will be in touch.



Image Credit: Think Cultural, Eid John (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons